Math Lab

Launching a break-through initiative that aims at making the vital subject of mathematics simpler, easier and fun to learn for students, NIIT installed NIIT nguru Math Lab at Chandra National School in Aruppukottai.

NIIT nguru Math Lab is a novel concept which enables school students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems using Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids.

Math Lab is specially crafted in accordance to the NCERT guidelines that focus on learning by doing. It inculcates learning through ‘Applied Reasoning’. It inspires out of the box thinking and provides an opportunity to explore the valuable knowledge with classmates. CBSE has directed that 20 percent of the marks have to be allocated to each student from the Lab Assessments, towards the final marks.

Based on the three pillars of ‘Imagination, Investigation and Interaction’, it provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations, thus building interest and confidence in students learning the subject.

Math Ambience

  • Fostering individualized and peer learning