About CNS

Chandra National School is a proud mission-driven community of learners, immersed in an ethos of shared beliefs, achievement, and celebration.

As a parent, one of the main important decisions that you need to make resolve around is your ward’s education.

Providing the Right Start at the Right Time under the Right Guidance at the Right Institution will help to develop your ward’s personality which will be the key success in his/her life.

CNS is dedicated to nurture responsive and motivated students through a dynamic, success-oriented education program empowering students with a global and local perspective.

CNS is desirous to pursue an approach to learning; that becomes a lifelong habit. With envious zeal it endeavors to help every child develop into a holistic personality.

Every element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and effective skills of the students moulding each child’s innate talents, to create a positive expression, capable of right action and attitude.

The exceptional educators at CNS facilitate a learning process with challenging strategies that help children develop into responsible, caring and ethical world citizens.

CHANDRA is expressed in the way as described:

CCreate Proactive Global Citizens
HHelp in physical growth and proficiency in games
AA dynamic educational environment, by encouraging learners to face the demands and challenges of an evolving world
NNurture with caring and compassionate outlook through the values of teamwork, leadership and social responsibility
DDevelop awareness and impart Disaster Management skills among the students
RReal understanding through an Integrated Approach
AAn activity based, learning-centered structured curriculum