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2012 is when Chandra National School bloomed out of our dreams to build a unique educational institution that breeds a generation of resolute leaders.

Education is the mother of leadership.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We, at Chandra National School, catch them young and groom them not only to be disciplined citizens, but also to be able leaders. To achieve this virtuous goal, we expose our students to opportunities, let them feel responsible and help them learn through their experiences. As a result, we believe that the next generation will hold our flags high in the world stage.

Our distinctive efforts to provide cleanliness, hygiene, parental care and infrastructure have yielded positive results in the form of spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional development of our children. A conducive and serene learning environment is a prerequisite to world class education and we have been proffering seamless attention towards it ever since the inception.

Paulo Coehlo says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. When we sincerely aimed at bringing holistic development in our students, we received an unfathomable support from our parents, teachers and the world outside which helped us win over numerous challenges and obstacles. We teach our children to uphold discipline at all times and situations. They understand that every endeavour seems hard in the beginning and that it turns achievable when they decide not to give up. My sincere thanks to our team of teachers who slowly yet steadily raised the mindset of our students!

Besides the enviable facilities, we provide professional counselors who encourage our students, offer moral support and promise personality development in them. Beyond academics, we guide our children to experience the beauty of nature through various avenues like Birders' Club and Nature Walks. Together, we travel with a dream, a vision and a foresight to attain excellence in education.