Principal Message

“Discipline automates habits; habits determine success.”, says David Khalil.

Mrs.K.Pandiselvi M.A.,B.Ed.,

Success might mean different to different people, but the path to all kinds of successes is the same. When we nurture our children at Chandra National School, we ensure that every lesson becomes a habit in them. As we all know, habits cannot be installed instantly. Years of discipline give life to the right habits.

Our celebration happens every day as we measure success more in the process than in the results.

I should submit my sincere thanks to our benevolent Management that grants before we seek and offers before we need. Our students see, find, sense or feel something new every day at our school. We strive hard to answer the wish of every parent who has trusted in us the future of their children. At Chandra, every child is looked at as a unique talent. We aim at tapping his/her ability through exposure and experience.

When it comes to academics, we follow the most recommended and the nation’s best methods. Our persistent efforts constantly help us achieve an appreciable result in the intellectual development of our students.
Our teachers, with their wide range of knowledge and wisdom, attribute to the quality we maintain. They encourage our students to step out of their shells and keep their heads high in this competitive world. I submit my earnest gratitude to all the teachers who contribute themselves selflessly for the future of our students.

We may not have been able to advance far without the co-operation of our parents. From meticulously following the basic instructions given at school to holding hands with us through the horrendous pandemic (COVID 19), our parents have supported us enormously. We share our respect and regards with them through every possible opportunity.

As Eleanor Roosevelt rightly says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, let’s together believe in our dreams for a glorious tomorrow.